The Laws of the New Game Changers:

How to make breakthroughs that take you forward


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Dr. Raye Mitchell

Author and Editor

Carol H. Williams

CEO & President

Carol H. Williams Advertising


This book is about innovation.

    The Laws of the New Game Changers is intended equip the reader to leave with a "how-to, want-to, can-do, and will-do" attitude and close fired-up and ready to ack.  This book helps the reader create breakthrough impacts that redefine the boundaries and definitions of what “is” is.

        The game has changed. In today’s competitive environment it is not sufficient to be a strong leader, you have to be an innovator and a creator of something new. You have to be the source of the next big idea. More than ever there is the demand that you be the new breed of leaders known as the new game changers and the ones who have mastered the art and skill of provoking the status quo. Whether chancing personal goals for personal growth, or operating in a leadership or creative capacity, The Laws of the New Game Changers is a book everyone needs to have in their toolbox for quick reference and learning that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be as an innovator.

    The new game changers share a common story of overcoming uncertainty, taking risks and putting it all on the line. They are the ones that everyone is seeking out “now”, but no one listened to them “then.” There is no sure formula to success, but a healthy dose of persistence and curiosity helps. 

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